Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hiding veggies

I can't find ways to get Ella to eat very much, she is SLOW, I mean poky the Puppy slow.  Ava won't eat much green things, unless I am eating it and she isn't in her highchair, there is something about being naughty not in your highchair that makes food taste better? yes, no? So anyways, they both LOVE pizza, so here we go, I just added cooked peas and green beans and put them in the food processor and then added it to the sauce. They loved it! Now I know this isn't a new idea, so I am not thinking I created this... it is just a reminder to those... who have picky eaters, that this is an idea.


  1. Zuchinni is a good one to add to pasta sauce - it can get squishy enough to 'blend in' and not get noticed. And it tastes good too. =)

  2. that is a great idea! thanks Amy! plus some sauces have zucchini in them, so it wouldn't taste weird!