Sunday, July 25, 2010

Candy Bar Brownies

I realize I'm not that creative, I just thought this sounded good and our neighbor is about to have a baby and I wanted something sweet to drop off.... so I went with what I thought sounded delicious, I mean, how can you go wrong when you stuff candy bars in brownies?
Mix batter together according to the package instructions...

pour batter in pan and put in bite sized candy bars of your choice. I used: milky way, snickers, dark milky way and 3 musketeers. Bake according to box instructions.

When done the candies sink into the brownies, no problem... the taste is all there! 

I chose to pour Caramel sauce over my brownies... it made them better...

Candy Bar Brownies

1 box of brownies
16  mini candy bars ( the bites) of your choice
Caramel sauce for topping if you choose

Mix up brownies according to box instructions, pour in greased pan and drop in candy bars.  Bake according to instructions.  Let cool and then top with caramel sauce.  Cut into bars so that one piece of candy is in each bar.  Serve... to a crowd of happy people!


  1. Annnnnnd I will be making these tonight :)

  2. yay! They are fun, sweet treat!